5 Reasons DIY Website Can Do More Harm than Good

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Some business owners opt to go the DIY route to save on business expenses.

They put up their own website instead of hiring professional website designers who know the ins and outs of web design and development.

This may seem like a good move, considering the amount of cash one can save by doings hands-on work on their own business website.  But if you do the math, you’ll soon realize that this decision is an expensive mistake.

Here are 5 reasons that explain why :


It becomes an avenue for hit and miss processes.

When you do your own website sans the required technical skill and experience, you basically turn it into a training ground.

You try stuff out and see if it works – sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.  You just aim to get things done by reading up on different ways to do it. There’s no consistency in the results only a massive amount of hit and miss opportunities.

It leads to a complicated web layout.

Creating an effective web layout is important so your website visitors can navigate your business pages easily. Also, search engines can crawl and index your site pages seamlessly.

Unfortunately, people who don’t have a strong background in web layout will have a difficult time coming up with an effective user interface that works well for the user and the search engines.  They may not even be aware of what the ideal web layout looks like.

It wastes your most precious resources.

Time and money are both precious to business owners. But when they use a lot of it to create their own website, they end up wasting these resources because they fail to use it wisely. Instead of focusing on DIY website tasks and deliverables, you can do more by making your business grow and spending your resources to hire a professional who can complete the tasks without difficulty in a shorter turnaround time.

It is more susceptible to technical glitches.

DIY websites are practically a magnet of technical errors. The rationale behind this is quite obvious. If you don’t have website designer working on your website project, you end up doing a lot of things wrong. The results? Technical glitches. Plenty of them.


Website projects that do not involve the expertise of website marketing consultants and professional web designers and developers . Can you afford to gamble the future of your business?

At Dotline Digital Tech, we believe that a professionally designed and carefully planned web layout is indispensable to modern businesses.

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