We pride ourselves on creating premiumbespoke websites that really showcase your business

In the last 12 months, 87% of consumers in the Nigeria have purchased something online, and the rate that people shop online has continued to grow astronomically over recent years without any sign of slow down. 

For this reason, having a well-built optimised E-Commerce website has never been more important. A variety of platforms exist for this including WordPress and Shopify, both tailored to maximise visitor engagement and also to be easily managed by you.

Once your online store has launched we also specialise in a range of online marketing to maximise visibility, including SEO and PPC.

What makes us different from other web design companies in Nigeria ?

At Dotline Digital, you will never be treated like a number. We have designed hundreds of websites from small mom and pop websites to multi-million dollar company websites. And as any of our clients will tell you we provide personal service and always listen to our clients needs no matter how large or small their web design project may be.

Our Processes

You’ll experience the following during our web page design process.

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Delivery
  • Maintenance

Adhering to the Simple Rules of Design

It’s a fascinating process to see art and design intersect with the technologically advanced world of website programming. Some of the most important “rules” of good design align perfectly with the concept of a clean and functional website.

For example, a crowded page that tries to cram absolutely every detail into one space will seem cluttered and confusing to the average reader. As your web design company, we’ll make sure that your company or organization creates the best first impression by designing the ideal balance of information and good design.

Why Responsive Web Page Design is Essential.

There’s a fair chance your customers spend several minutes – or even several hours – a day with their heads bent over a smartphone. Because of the incredible and swift adoption of these small devices, it’s more important than ever to revisit the design of your company’s web pages.

With responsive design, we’ll help you make the pages look just as professional on a 27-inch computer monitor as they do on a 5-inch smartphone screen. Remember: It’s not enough to insert a few lines of code into your website to tell a page to change dimensions based upon a user’s screen size.

Truly responsive web design ensures that the presentation of your website – including its text, images, and navigation – adjust seamlessly to accommodate any size interface.