How To Monitize Your Blog Without Destroying Your User Experience

Everything thinks that monetizing your blog making money from it monetizing your site just reduces your user experience. It crushes it So much so that they’re like oh no one’s going to come back to my site   That is not true today I’m going to talk to you How to monetize your blog without destroying your user experience soft electronic music.  By monetizing your website, you can earn money.

1) The first tip:

I have for you is avoid having too many banner ads Look if you have one or two banner ads and they’re relevant that is not an issue Limit the banner experience to one or two per page Don t do more than that because then it just becomes a site full of ads instead of text   And if you have one or two and the ads are relevant people will still click on them.

The reason most people have banner blindness is that all the ads they see are irrelevant   It’s like I don t want an ad for football when I’m on a page about marketing.  The ads need to be relevant   So if you want to do really well make sure your ads are relevant Only have a few per page and not many more than that   If you have too many ads on a page it may not only just irritate your users   but it’s going to slow down your site time which does ruin your experience as well.

2) The second tip:

I have for you is pop-ups don’t convert well for sales but they can work well for emails So if you’re trying to monetize your site   a lot of people are like oh let me just do pop-ups and get people to buy my product or service right then and there in the popup. It’s very rarely that pop-ups generate a lot of sales directly Indirectly though they generate a lot of emails.

So one of the best things you can do in your pop-ups   is offering a free resource in exchange for an email such as an e-book a landing page tool quiz whatever it may be Any sort of resource whether it’s a tool whether it is an e-book whether it’s a cheat sheet does matter what it is  just some sort of resource that allows people to put in their email and be like wow if I put in my email what I’m getting is extremely valuable.

Then from there, you can continually sell those people   through email drip sequences and any email provider has that feature By doing that indirectly you’ll get sales which allows you to monetize   The moment you have an exit pop up that just asks people to buy something it is just not going to work  You need something that is user-friendly  people love and they want to put in their information.

Because it is so valuable they’re like wow I’m happy I saw this exit pop up  because if I didn’t t I would have never got this free resource And when you recreating this exit pop up you can use tools like Hello Bar to do so and I would recommend that you put the pop-up on the exit intent which means when someone leaving your website not when they first enter your website

3) The Third Tip:

I have for you retarget your users with relevant based offers What you ‘ll find is a lot of companies will pay you money not only to put their ad on your site   but to show your users their products and services. So, you can remarket You can do a deal with these companies   Now there is a caveat with this You want to make sure your privacy policy and terms of service.

I know a lot of countries don t care but I recommend that you are very transparent and you let people know in your privacy policy and your terms of service what you’re doing and that you’re also monetizing by remarketing to those people other people’s products and services within your space.

A great way for you to earn income You can also do this with your own products and services as well   So that way you don t have to blanket your own site with tons of ads for your own products or services. But I do recommend that you put that in your privacy policy and terms of service. That way people know what you’re doing and then once you’re getting sales from that   you should consider creating custom audiences   You could do this on tools like Facebook, Google has something similar as well And this allows them to show you other relevant users   who are very similar to the ones that already bought and converted from you.

4) The fourth tip:

I have is only present really highly relevant offers   The moment you just go out there with all the ad networks   and you put these irrelevant offers and services and ads   in front of your audience you’re going to lose their trust  If you don t believe in something don t show it to them   If you think that someone s product or service sucks don’t push it to your audience If you think an ad is irrelevant don’t push it to your audience. If you do what is best for them, in the long run, you will do better. A good alternative to those spammy ad networks is using solo ads It’s a great alternative and you ‘ll also find that the bigger ad networks like Google, of course, they’re going to be much more relevant in their listings than the smaller ad networks.

5) The Five-Point:

Last but not least before I wrap over this video, I want to go over some unique monetization methods that you’re probably not leveraging   that work well that are t spammy   and they tend to make way more money than just putting ads on your site:

•   First, create an info product   Example of this is Pat Flynn s Power-Up Podcasting course. It’s a great way to learn podcasting   His audience loves it and he can sell it and make good money.

•   A Second Monetization an offer that works very well is coaching offers   You see a ton of examples from Mike Matthews from Legion Athletics all the way to the Rush Raffinose   They all do coaching It works extremely well.

•   The third thing you could do is gate content You ‘ve got to pay money for that   Whether its monthly fee or a yearly fee it works well.

•  The fourth example builds a freemium tool  If you’re in the weight loss category you can do a daily calorie consumption calculator and then upsell them into a diet app I can do a free SEO audit tool and then upsell them into hey you want to check more than or pages Pay me money.

If I have a finance site and I have a grocery budget calculator   I can upsell them into a whole app that solves their budgeting problems.

Last but not least speaking gigs I got to a conference you see me on stage Sometimes I do speak for free  That is actually very rare   In almost all cases I can get grand on the low end to grand in most cases just for an hour speech I rarely ever speak for under grand or even grand. That show powerful speaking is When I started I was only charging a few grand to five grand Work your way up to Over time people will pay you   And that s an easy way to make money   You don t have to market to your audience or anything like that You just show up   You get to travel experience the world   and you’re getting paid some X amount.

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