Learn How to Build Cross Platform Mobile Apps UI Using Flutter by Google.

Build a career for yourself in mobile app development by learning how to develop android and IOS apps for companies and startups.

Why Learn Flutter by Google

Flutter is the latest Mobile App Development Framework from Google that was launched in May 2017. Being an open-source framework with millions of stunning features.

Flutter is getting popularized among developers and is termed the future of mobile app development.

So if you want to start doing some freelance work and make money for yourself in 2020, you should think about learning Flutter.


Duration: 8 Weeks

Monday – Fridays ( 9am – 1pm )

Training Fee: ₦65,000

Online Payment Available

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Vatebra Tech Hub, Ajah

We can ONLY ACCOMMODATE 40 Students per session
Reserve your space today. 

At the end of this course, every participant will be able to completely understand:

  • Fundamental Flutter concepts
  • How to use Rows and Widgets
  • The Difference between Stateful vs. Stateless Widgets,
  • Use of Widget tree, state management, animations, themes and much more.
  • Styling Widget  and Creating custom widget
  • Create their own UI designs from scratch  to finish for mobile applications.
  • Understand the Fundamental Dart Programming language
  • Fully understand the concepts of Object Oriented Programming (OOP): The type system, variables, functions and methods, inheritance, classes and protocols.
  • Control Structures: Using If/­Else clauses, Switch statements and logic to control the flow of execution.
  • Deploy Applications using Firebase and Cpanels
  • Use API to build applications


Is there a certificate upon completion?

Yes! You will be issued a Dotline verified certificate upon completing the course.

Do I need to know how to code before enrolling?

No! this course covers from the fundamentals (dummy level) to expert, you don’t need to have any programming background to enroll, we will teach you everything you need to know from the scratch.

How much can I earn from being a freelance Flutter mobile app UI developer?

The minimum cost of developing a FLUTTER mobile app in Nigeria is NGN350,000 depending on the functionalities and the OS. After the training, you can earn up to NGN600,000 in 2 months or more if you are good with marketing your skills. Flutter Mobile App developers are still scarce in Nigeria and even some of the few still have limit to what they can do.