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Should Kids Learn How To Code?

How old were you when you were first introduced to code? Would you have liked to have been taught it in school or do you think you’re all nighters in your bedroom are the way to go?

I’m asking because it has come to my attention that schools in Britain are going to start teaching kids how to code as part of the curriculum. Meaning that kids as young as seven or eight will be learning how to code.

I had no idea what coding was until I started my digital marketing job. I mean, I knew of it but I had no idea the complexity of it, or how it was needed in absolutely everything to do with the internet. More or less.

Today is a New Generation

It’s a well known fact that kids these days are growing up in a completely different generation from their parents. Mobile phones, laptops, social media and websites such as Netflix are now embedded in their daily lives. Some kids won’t have even seen a television advert due to only watching television programmes online.

Even toys are digital and many are programmable, like legos for instance. And it is one things to know how to use these kinds of technology, but it a whole other ball game to understand the logic behind them.

Learning to code will allow these kids to understand the logic and the science that controls the technology. And this is something that will help them later in life as the digital world is growing more and more.

Everyone has ideas. Some brilliant, some not so brilliant. But only a few people can actually make their brilliant ideas come to life, and many brilliant ideas are forgotten about.

The ability to code allows one to make their ideas a reality. If you want your child to be an innovator, encourage them to learn how to program. It will broaden their mind and give them the freedom of creation.

If a child programmes an object to move a certain way, or change to a certain colour and they see it happen immediately, they will feel a sense of accomplishment. And this is one of the most important aspects of learning that a child needs, they will see results and know that they were the ones who manipulated the code to make it happen, therefore it will keep their interest.

Learning how to programme is like learning another language, it is better to start them young. They practice, they test, they learn. With just a computer and the programming skills they have the potential to learn and create, they could build things that could change the world.

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